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Now in our 41st year, Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater has an original, highly varied repertoire of 68 dances and is a leading modern dance company in New York City headed by a Mexican-born American.

We offer excellent dancers, stylistic variety, humor and a Latin touch in our full-length performances and in our bilingual lecture demonstrations in English and Spanish. We proudly serve dance aficionados in major venues as well as audiences in public schools, public libraries, senior citizen centers, community centers and homeless shelters.

We are the recipients of critical acclaim from major media in New York, nationally and internationally. See Press page. We receive grants from governmental, foundation, corporate and private sources. We have appeared on many stages including “Joseph Papp’s Latin Festival“, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Carnegie Hall and “Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors“, offered a US State Department sponsored residency in the Dominican Republic, and perform frequently in Mexico where we have appeared in international festivals.

Awards include an ACE Babby Quintero and a 2007 Proclamation by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Director Annabella Gonzalez was invited to participate in the 1st Encounter of Artists and Creators in Chihuahua, Mexico, in 2008. AGDT has performed in the following festivals and venues in Mexico: Chihuahua’s 2009 Palomar Festival, National Autonomous University of Mexico and Museo del Templo Mayor (Mexico City), “XXXI International Lila López Modern Dance Festival” (San Luis Potosí) and University of Colima.  Television appearances include Casper Citron’s show and Manhattan Neighborhood Network.


Founder & Director

Annabella Gonzalez, Mexican-born, is an experienced administrator and critically acclaimed choreographer, dancer and teacher. Trained in ballet, modern dance, and Mexican dance in Mexico, the United States and Europe, she performed in Switzerland and in New York before launching AGDT. She has created over 60 dances and teaches in the three language she is fluent in: English, Spanish and French. She holds a B.A. in Art History from the University of Minnesota, a subject she then studied in graduate school at Columbia University, language degrees from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and an M.A. in Dance Education from Columbia University Teachers College. Annabella’s lectures and special programs on Traditional Mexican Dance include her original films.


Assistant to Director

Juan Ignacio Echazarreta, originally from Mexico and perfectly bilingual in English and Spanish, has performed with the Company since 2003 and has extensive dance training and experience performing and teaching dance. He holds a B.A. in Gender and Latin American Cultural Studies, a first for Bates College, as well as an MPA in Nonprofit Management and Policy from New York University. His fundraising and booking activities as well as his deep knowledge of AGDT, and of dance generally, are a big asset for the Company.

Board of Directors and Advisory Council

Board of Directors

  • Cristhian Escobar
  • Edmond Collier
  • Annabella Gonzalez
  • Richard Grimm, Board Chair
  • Wanda Ruggiera
  • Vincent Samat

Advisory Council

  • Art Bernal
  • Anthony Carrión
  • Ana Maria Hernández
  • Giselle Ross Cisneros
  • Carolyn Sanchez


AGDT has received many grants and financial awards in recognition of the Company’s contribution to artistic life and community education in New York City, nationally, and in Mexico. As we embark upon an exciting year of choreographic creation, dancing, and collaboration with guest choreographers and composers, we want to thank you, our faithful supporters and friends, for your participation, enthusiasm and support. We continue to strike out in new, unexpected directions.