The dance company of Annabella Gonzalez, the great dancer-choreographer born in Mexico, is one of the most original and exquisite with its synthesis of classical dance and of modern dance, with serious and humorous elements.

Peter Bloch, Latino’s


Magnífico concierto (fabulous concert).

Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas, Director, Economics Department, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City


Displayed an eclectic mix of performance styles and moods with a kind of easygoing New York-style abandon.

Ed Conroy, San Antonio’s Sunday Express-News


Formal structures intensified the choreographic tension. The Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater is a choreographic theater of the absurd.

Jack Anderson, The New York Times


Annabella Gonzalez approaches the artifacts of everyday life in somewhat the way that Paul Klee looked at machines.

Jennifer Downing, The New York Times


A wicked sense of humor.

Thomas Connors, The Village Voice


The work is sometimes humorous, sometimes sensual, but always indicative of a keen and very personal style of dance theater.

Manuel Landrove, Dance Pages


AGDT’s resourcefulness and its ongoing philosophy of artistic inclusiveness has always maintained the company’s accessibility to all sectors of the community.

Edwin Pagan, Hispanic Arts News


Excellent presentations of interpretive dances to the students.

Austin Boncher, Appleton, Wisconsin


Your program was a feast of movement, color and sound. It was intellectually challenging; the program was never patronizing. The children were expected to bring participation of thought to the event.

Lawrence B. Assistant, P.S. 169


Annabella Gonzalez is a National Treasure.

Bernadine Jennings, Attitude


Singular montaje coreográfico (original choreographic montage).

El Sol de San Luis Potosi, Mexico


Gonzalez es una de las figures sobresalientes de la danza contemporánea (Gonzalez is one of the outstanding figures of contemporary dance).

Peter Bloch, La Razon


Gonzalez delights in the bizarre and enigmatic. Her work intrigues the mind as well as the eye. As the dancers move, their bodies are as beautiful as finely tuned and polished instruments should be.

Josie Neal, San Antonio Light


Cuerpos luminosos

Alma Liliana Vargas, University of Colima, Mexico


Annabella Gonzalez is a genius of the dance. Her art is both Mexican-Hispanic and international, exotic and disciplined. The productions are distinguished by originality, esthetic feeling, a special freshness and superb dancing. It all adds up to the kind of enjoyment that some modern choreographers seem to have lost sight of. The result is electrifying.

Peter Bloch, Canales


After serving in five countries and exposure to dozens and dozens of touring American artists and lecturers, I have yet to encounter anyone who so completely captured her audience as Annabella Gonzalez. I attribute her instant rapport with her audience not only to her obvious skills as an artist but also to her great personal warmth which comes through as readily in Spanish as it does in the other two languages she masters – English and French.

Donald R. Hamilton, Director, American-Dominican Cultural Institute, Santo Domingo